Mast & steel structures design, production and installation

We have installed and maintaining meteorological measuring towers up to 120 meter in various locations in Zambia and Malawi.

Our Riggers are specially trained and equipped with all H&S safety equipment and tools to erect any tower size.

Our steel fabrication department can design and manufacture all necessary steel structures for installation of radio, antenna and solar equipment.

We are also experienced in installing and maintaining LIDAR units.

Antenna Masts / Tower

  • 12 meter steel / aluminium poles
  • 18 to 33 meter lattice mast/tower
  • self supported or guyed
  • installation country wide with fully equipped and trained rigging crew for towers up to 100 meter.
mast mast01

Housing Boxes

  • for installation of radio equipment
  • fabricated from steel
  • secure
  • waterproof
  • range of sizes
  • customized